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Below I have various bits of news to update you guys on. Please read and comment of you have something to say. I promise to read and reply as soon as possible.

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Fallout 3 Reborn Version 5

First up on todays news I'd like to address various complaints about glitches in F3R: V4. Obviously, no software is perfect and ther have been a few problems with V4. Thankfully I can count them on one hand, so its not too major. Any problems people have been having that are actually bugs should be corrected in V5.

However, V5 is going to be something totally new. Don't expect a few bug fixes and a few tweaks. Currently I'm working on making the "wasteland" more realistic and interesting. After 200 years, radiation would be totally gone, so the only rads will be from certain spots critical to the story and from nuclear weapons. There will be new trees growing, clean water and possibly a sickness system (dysentery and such). However, healing from radiation may be made impossible or very expensive, so it would be in your best interest to avoid it if possible. Also, there will be "Hardcore" realism elements. Simulated iron-sights, no HUD, no manipulation of time, realistic TOD system, removal of VATS, removal of fast travel and more.

There will also be a simple bug fix and tweaked V5, for those of you who aren't up for the massive changes I'll be introducing, so don't start crying to me if you really liked VATS, because you still have the option to keep it :)

Features for V5:
-A greener world with living trees and no lingering fallout (except in certain quest areas)

-New destruction effects such as being able to shoot a box of ammo with explosive results. Not exactly realistic, but it is very fun and allows for creative traps (mini-nuke + frag mine = awesome)

-A WIP iron-sight system

-A "super-weapon" weakness system (being able to shoot flamer tanks, destroy minigun's energy source, etc)

-Much more realistic vehicle destruction system (no more nuclear cars that can be set off with a few shots)

-Support for the Point Lookout DLC.

-A tweaked movement system (you move much faster and I'm working on a revamp of the hurfall system). I don't wanna promise anything, but there MAY also be a sprinting system.

-Bullet Casings stay for much longer.

-New bullet casing models.

-Bludgeon people over with blunt weapons.

-A possible weapon-slot system (one sidearm, one type of grenades, one type of main weapon, one melee weapon).

-The dull green-brown sky replaced with a more blue-white colored one.

-New and more realistic ammo types: .22 and .50 caliber ammunition added to all versions.

-Vendors now sell the new ammo types and any weapons from the DLC (if you own any).

-Various inconsistencies fixed (Nuka-Cola Plant changed to Coca-Cola Plant, etc).

-New menu backgrounds (more interesting, in my opinion).

-Level cap raised to 40 (may be removed if it causes anyone trouble).

-Support for "The Pitt" ammo press (proper ammo names).

-A new gibbing system (high-powered weapons can tear foes apart).

And much more

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