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An explanation about how our app keeps being varied.

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A few of you have been asking how we will keep the game fresh, we touched on this in our last weekly update, but now I will address the issue further.
Firstly, the levels.
The factories will all have a unique background and unique items. This adds a some variety to the game, but it is the complete randomness of the production line that will keep players hooked.
As for level progression, the level do get harder, it may be that the speed has increased, or it may be that there are suddenly two production lines which you have to manage. This, combined with the endless mode we are incorporating, will make sure that there is always something fun, fresh and challenging to try.
Secondly, the game modes.
I am also pleased to announce our new game mode: custom. In a custom game, you will be able to change many aspects of the production line, and then play it. If you have a favourite level, but it is too easy for you, then you can select the same background and item, but ramp up the difficulty. Or you could just mix and match some factories and items because why not? This allows for infinite variety and re playability and it a really fun mode to try out.
Finally, the items and powerups
Although the teddy is our showcase item, there will be many more items for you to play with, all in their own factory setting. More of these will be announced soon.
As for powerups, this is our current list:
+ 1 life
+ 100 points
Double/half speed
Multiplier booster (+ or -)
Machine jam (requires you to quickly fix machine)
Power cut

Some of you have been asking about the video updates, we have decided to only produce video updates when we have new video footage to show you, hopefully this will be next week.
If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask.

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