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Shadows are now in-game and completely change the landscape and look of the game!

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The Greenlight campaign has been going amazingly well! I am extremely happy that people love and enjoy the game, and love the game's concept so much!

Here is the link to the Greenlight page:

Please go and vote for the game if you like it!

The game is also fully playable for free! While the Greenlight is going on I am allowing people to play the game and have fun testing it out, playing with others, etc. The server has been taking a beating with all of the players, and I am happy so say the server has held up wonderfully!

Also, if you wish to test the game, it is currently available for free!

Vantage: Prehistoric Simulation MMO

Here is a trailer for the game...

Patch 0.1.31:

After a great deal of work, dynamic shadows are now in the game! This gives the game a immense amount of visual detail.

Implementing shadows took a great deal of work, but it was worth it. Keep in mind this is the first iteration of the shadows and I hope to continually improve upon them.

Now that this is done I am excited to get back to work on actual game content. I am going to begin with implementing the planting of trees so you can decorate your little slice of earth.

Next I plan to go forward with implementing some herbalism, and try to make some simple crafts that people can do by picking flowers and plant parts to make remedies and more!

I am also going to move forward with hiring an artist to update the artwork so all of you don't have to look at my terrible "programmer art" anymore :)

But in general, my main goal is to continue to improve the game itself: game play, adding content and stability!

Time to start your journey... to survive!



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