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Resident Evil Valiant is entering Mid-Stage and looks for another Second Coder.

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Hello Fans or Survival Horror,

Today it seems time to bring up another long awaited Developement Progress. What we achieved so far?

oh god, that HUD....
(HD Images on our Page)

- a Completely Reworked HUD with HD Weapon Sprites and a ECG Healthbar Displaying the heath in the Conditions Fine, Caution or Danger
- alot of Selfmade HD Models, Sounds and Sprites for Realistic Gameplay

High Definition M16

- over 1300 High Definition Textures being used (Thanks for Crowbar for his help)
- Reworked Combat System with new Weapon Effects
- First half of a Basic IFF System

What is being worked on? *see below why some will require another coder

- new Info System for Displaying Textfiles ingame
- a Counter-System for a new long-lasting Area-Defense-Map gameplay
- a Flamethrower
- Medikit Weapons Storable for later Usage
- system to slow down the player once being hurt
- Time Zombie Defense Maps

Zombie Supermarket Takeover

We have Currently alot of Finished Stuff, but Require the Help of a Coder that knows or worked with the GoldSource engine before as our current coder stumbled upon some things that require ALOT of time invested to find out unless you worked with GoldSource before (see job overview )

As always check our HD Screenshots on the Moddb page and stay tuned for more

Got a question? shout me a PM or post on our page :)

Kind Regards
Heffernan, Game Developer at REV

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