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The main modder of this mod will needs a break for a while, this should be the most-stable/ playable version of all..........

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In here if you found any bugs that is in version 9.35 or you have some sort of suggestion that can be used to improve the mod then pleaes telll. This also shows the new progress of the mod

some new troops to single player
add some new lords
osama bin ladin's unique head
more cars
new types of aliens to replace the laggy ones
new gears for zulu invaders
new gears for monsters
some monsters now have new armor and helmets
all the mounts from OSP pack made by IYIORT from his steam punk pack
advanced formation
disabled zoom (now when you press shift you will walk instead of zooming)
MC now have legs
added few new types of zombies

Fixed and Changes:
empire elite knight horses have no minmaps
horses don't run away when players gets near them
again reduce smoke from grenades and explosions
grenade launcher and rocket launcher now costs loads to buy
20 errors about missing meshes that causes the game to crash on single player for no reason
some fixs on bows
chinese armor shader bug and one of the armors that cause crash
one truck on terrorist invasion
added a tank to terrorist invasion
undead faces
goblin wave 27 bots not moving
predator head have no bump maps and it cause crash
roman banner now working as intended
human troll skin texture bug
one of the chinese armor is bugged
some swords scabbard is the sword itself
few brigandine have buggy textures
some helmets does not reflect back at shadows/ shaders
one of master's helmet have no head
two of the crusader helmets have no face
two of the dragoon armors
empire imperial guard armor
various musket armors
chrismas deer now rideable after you dismount it
few samurai armor texture bugs
black wrappings on samurai helmets
ninja whitish armor
balrog skin

buggy shields
grenades from WW1 soldiers on single player
goats and cows from goblin (only appear on special waves now)
no more giants on musket invasion
no more giants on zulu
mongolian don't need women
2 buggy items
spartan cuirass
spartan skin no longer glows
3 buggy/ ugly WW1/2 armors
mail mitten from court of reveran
elite plate armor from reveran crossbowman
one japanese shogun armor needs minmaps
throwing scimitar needs to be removed from chest
one of the crusader shield have no minmaps
some faces have no minmaps
one of the goblin body is bugged.
Persian invader rides a horse lol?

rgl error on Gondor Infantry bots
Goblin Goat riders does not use weapon on horse (The troll ones)

Current Bugs:
orc and Uruk sound is not working (they have women sounds lol, working on it atm)

To do list:
to allow people to aquire skill in sp using rifles you have to change "display_wp_firearms = 0" to "display_wp_firearms = 1" in the module.ini file


That second creature is fantastic :P How big will it be?

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Ok before i hit the hay ill post my saved notepad defender faction armor texture bugs research so enjoy! :P
Took me many hours to do this list and please remember im not demanding stuff but just sueggestiong and just read it to take into consideration and i tried very hard not to show the bugs overload but it csnt be helped so here it is after this starting comment.

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Grenades on WW1 Troops in Single Player was just a massacre on sieging Dhirrim, the grenade only hit one batch of defenders once and the rest slaughter of allies and player character /facepalm was removed for the obvious reasons lol. Oh and LAG

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