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New version, the major changes are:now ships with Vanilla AI. Each AI can play as Queller or vanilla. Added subpersonalities allowing you to tailor how Queller plays to your liking.

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New version, the major changes are:

  • Now ships with Vanilla AI. Each AI can play as Queller or vanilla
  • Added subpersonalities allowing you to tailor how Queller plays to your liking

Please do not use the Queller version of the vanilla AI to report bugs to Uber. It's entirely possible that I have cocked things up

The plan was for Adaptive to be the default Uber AI, but it's currently the Tank personality. This is due to a bug in the game which is causing the AI to do stupid things with its armies, and this is much more obvious when it plays with bots than with tanks. Once this issue has been resolved I'll probably switch them over.

This is very much a first pass at the personalities, so expect to see further changes and refinements in the near future.

My other big goal is to really work on Queller's orbital game and see what I can do to improve it.

Version 2.1

  • Gold will build the Leveller
  • Uber will check there's some metal in storage in addition to looking at eco efficiency before assuming float and building more stuff
  • Silver correctly checks whether it can afford to have fabbers to assist on a project
  • Correctly exclude the orbital fabber from all checks it should be excluded from
  • Uber will send ARKYD offworld even if it's the only one if it doesn't need it on that planet
  • No longer builds an Astraeus for an evacuation it doesn't perform
  • Corrected errors in the advanced fabber ratios
  • Uber less reluctant to build advanced fabbers
  • Uber floats less energy on multiplanet systems
  • Gold through Uber have been updated for the Grenadier meta
  • Uber is better at building storage when it can't immediately counter an eco float
  • Uber prioritises Deep Space Radar after going orbital
  • Removed the building of Booms for now
  • Gold is more likely to build the Unit Cannon on a multiplanet system
  • Uber spaces its Jigs out more
  • Uber won't assign as many fabbers to grab metal while it's floating
  • Platinum more likely to tech up when it's out of expansion options
  • Gold less likely to tech up when it's out of expansion options
  • Uber and Platinum want more fabbers before trying for a Catalyst
  • Fixed error prevent Gold and Platinum building Advanced Air Fabbers in certain situations
  • Gold will sometimes go for T2 air outside of powering out a Catalyst
  • Gold, Platinum and Uber will build Kestrels
  • Uber smarter about assessing land threat when teching
  • Uber will form squads smaller than four units again
  • Uber no longer prioritises dual laser defenses over others
  • Uber is smarter about when to wait until it can afford a nuke missile and when to just get building
  • Corrected placement check for Teleporter
  • Gold expands a little slower
  • Integrated vanilla AI so that it is selectable alongside Queller by choosing normal, hard, relentless or absurd
    • Do not use this version to report bugs to Sorian as it might be my fault
  • Fixed error in Gold vehicle fabber opening
  • Bronze no longer area builds MEXs
  • Fixed discrepencies between area and standard MEX building for Uber
  • Uber prioritises building Umbrellas in important bases first before locking down everywhere else
  • Uber is smarter about how it moves its orbital fabbers
  • Gold is less sophisticated in its troop choices
  • Gold is slower to react to mines
  • Gold will build the Slammer
  • Gold through Uber use less Dox scouts on smaller planets
  • Platinum over expands
  • Uber will tech if there's no one near its base and it thinks it can afford to rush it
  • Uber will produce more fabbers if it can't shake its eco float
  • Uber will use the Slammer when it's dealing with bots not tanks
  • Uber won't tech while its base is under threat
  • Checks added to stop the building of torpedo launchers in lakes with no enemy navy
  • Fixed an error leading Gold through Uber to put all their advanced defence in a tiny area
  • Uber rushes nukes based on the antinuke status of its target rather than other players
  • Uber requires a higher income to tech than previously
  • Uber won't build duplicate radars when looking to scout another world
  • Uber is smarter about when rushing orbital on a multi planet system with a single spawnable planet is appropriate
  • Uber will build Skitters to sight for mobile artillery
  • No longer waits until a planet can receive assitance to build troops because this was leading to feeble invasions
  • Uber is more aggressive with scouting if you might be on its planet but it can't find you
  • Uber produces more Spinners when preparing an invasion
  • Further work done to prevent overwhelming land threats stopping the AI from using its ships
  • Uber now has subpersonalities allowing you to customise how it plays
    • Adaptive
    • Air
    • Dox
    • Eco
    • Grenadier
    • Infernodier
    • Tech
    • Turtle
  • Uber sets up an Anchor defence around teleporters in response to air threat in addition to land and orbital
  • Uber is smarter about transitioning in and out of the water depending on how it's doing in the relevant theatre
  • Fixed error preventing the Stingray from being built
  • Stripped whitespace from release to reduce server mod download time
  • More likely to try for a Catalyst
  • Uber uses the Astraeus if it cannot afford an orbital fabber or is already building one
  • Uber doesn't cram all its anti-nukes together in a base
  • Uber checks that the Commander has anti-nuke coverage
  • Uber gives a higher priority to Umbrellas
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