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An intermediate update on the v2.0 release, and the news is all good :)

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Hi again all. MaP here with a well overdue news update. Firstly, things are going well. The final Confederation ships are ingame and work as expected. Thankfully so far no problems have been found and Confed side also has a special bonus unit - The Pelican Class repairal tender. This lightly armed, whilst not built for combat, will, when deployed, have an area effect which can repair damage suffered to all allied ships (although it won't repair destroyed hardpoints). Currently they are limited in build capacity (maximum of 3 on a map), but placed in strategic points and you'll have the ability to more or less control the map. Also I've found in play testing that the starbases aren't overly well armed. Therefore these are being given a substantial overhaul. Expect an enemy starbase to not be so easy to destroy this time around. Finally its been noted that the Kilrathi side starts of quite weak (one capital ship buildable plus two fighter classes), so with the additional Kilrathi ship selection the starting constructable units will include a light carrier of some design.

The v2.0 patch should hopefully be available around christmas and will be available in two flavours. One will be a patch upgrade to v1.5 and the other will be a complete v2.0 download. Anyway, when the kilrathi ships are closer to the conversion I'll post initial renders and images.

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