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v1.9.1.4 fixes some menu bugs, improves crafting with Gems, and some other tweaks.

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Changes and Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that would allow the combat menu to be brought up again after death
- Capped the map size to 100
- Changed the minimum map size to 40
- Made crafted Torches go to the player's inventory
- Made placing Torches as decorations check the player's inventory, and if none are found then it checks the village's inventory
- Made crafting with Gems follow the same logic as the Torch placement (checks the player's inventory, then the village's)
- Fixed the Infobank not opening again after it's been closed.
- Fixed the interface not displaying after dying and reloading a game
- Fixed a bug that would cause the menu for the Blacksmith building to override the default build menu after entering the "Advanced Equipment" menu
- Fixed some bugs with the saving/loading of randomly generated quests
- Fixed the "Advanced Equipment" menu
- Fixed a game breaking bug with the sounds for StatusEffects

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