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v1.9.0.6 has been released and there's so many changes that it's like a whole new game!

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Warning: Previous saves are not compatible with this version!

Changes and Fixes:

- Added a Difficulty and Map Size setting to the character creation screen
- Added "Hardcore" difficulty (allows villagers to die of starvation)

- Removed Herbalist and Barracks buildings
- Added new buildings (Bronze Works, Coal Mine, Copper Mine, Iron Works)
- Renamed "House" building to "Wooden House"
- Renamed "House2" building to "Stone House"
- Changed the resource costs of all buildings (except the Houses)

- Removed Herbalists and Guards jobs
- Added new jobs (Bronze Smelters, Coal Miners, Copper Miners)
- Renamed "Smelters" job to "Steel Smelters"

- Removed all the Flowers harvestables
- Added new harvestables (Iron and Copper)

- Removed all the Flowers resources
- Added new resources (Copper, Bronze, Dirt)
- Fixed a bug with the level requirements for crafting with resources not being applied

- Removed all the Flowers decorations

- Digging a tile with a shovel now yields 1 Dirt
- Filling a tile with a shovel now costs 1 Dirt

- Implemented a "Paving" menu for roads
- Added a Dirt Road (costs 1 Dirt)
- Made roads upgradable
- Renamed "Road" to "Stone Road"
- Made the Stone Road an upgrade to the Dirt Road (costs 1 Stone)

- Added new Axes, Hammers, Pickaxes, Pitchforks, Shovels and Swords for the new Copper and Bronze resources
- Added Copper and Bronze armors

- Changed the Damage and Defense values of all weapons/armors

- Increased the move speed of birds (*shrugs*)

- Implemented preview information for highlighted buildings in the Building menu (shows stuff like the resource costs and jobs unlocked)
- Implemented preview information for the Crafting menu

- Separated Tools, Armors and Swords into individual resource types in the Infobank

- Made the save file a bit cleaner with what it stores
- New saved games now start with ID of 1 and increment from there

- Fixed a bug with quest item/weapon/resource required amounts going into the negative

- Did my best to removal all 0's being stored in Core files for those whose version of Windows is set to a region that doesn't support the compiler parsing 0's (not storing 0's in the save file is still a work-in-progress)

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