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v1.5 brings new Tyranid models and the Dark Eldar to the game.

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If you've installed this mod before delete the old cinematic_battles folder and cinematic_battles.module before installing the new version.

1. Make sure dark crusade is updated to v1.2 (cd users) OR v1.3 (for steam users), shown in the upper left of the main menu.
2. Download and Launch the 4gb_patch executable and navigate to your Darkcrusade.exe file and patch it. As soon as that's done click "Another file" and search for the GraphicsConfig.exe file and patch that one too
3. Extract the Cinematic_battles folder and Cinematic_Battles.module to your dark crusade directory
4. Launch the game and activate the mod in the game manager

added dark eldar
added kommandos for orks
tyranids now use the vastly better DOW2 models
fixed the imperial assaultcannon tracers
added a wincondition to restrict aircraft

striking scorpions no longer t-pose while burrowed
dark reaper exarchs no longer t-pose when firing their missile

Imperial Guard:
increased the scale (size) of the heavy weapons team

The shoota boy no longer has a twiching in his feet when firing. The Tankbuster has had his mask adjusted.
reduced fighta bomba bomb damage to 400 so they can't kill listening posts in one hit

gun drones will no longer have a pile of dirt following them when they jump
tau ai will use the barracuda now

made new icons for carnifexes
removed the dakkafex, all of its weapon upgrades are now on the normal carnifex
changed carnifex cost, reduced build time
increased zoanthrope cost
increased genestealer speed
genestealers now start with scything talons and can upgrade to rending claws
tyranid warriors lost melee leap but get a slight increase to base speed
reduced tyranid turret cost and build time

Known issues:
sisters and tyranid menu music doesn't play
sm vindicator tracks go backwards
stalker and rhino tracks don't move

Models, art and code contributed by:
UA team
tyranid team
codex team
objective points team
skirmish ai team
vanilla model fixes team

Special thanks to: Kekoulis and Thudo for their advice
Extra special thanks to Gambit for writing the ai code for aircraft

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