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this article is about the almost completion of V1.5 where several bugs have been deleted, there are new models, and finaly: icons.

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hey everyone!

testing of v1.5 is going great. I think i am 95% done with it. The reliance has been changed into Warb_Nulls paladin, and to substitute the marauder missle cruiser. There is a new republic Interdictor ( also Warbs). Other than that factions now have AI, meaning that they won't just sit around, and just attack with thier fighters. The Centuiron hard points have been fixed and it is operational. Icons can now tell you what you are constructing. However some are not showing (the bigbuttons for the Paladin, and Kyramund.) Lastly, the reason why this is late is because I was testing out the campaign.

It works fine, the mandalore piracy mission may crash, along with an optional attack on Yavin 4 after the death star wreckage mission. Other than that the mission, The shipyards of Kuat, won't work.

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