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For days worked to bug fix, creating new functions and now this is the result

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UPDATE v 1.4.3 pre Alpha

As ever it is not downloadable just contact me in private and ask to test.


Move ships
Added this feature, during ship control simply press the engine skill in the Skill window.
In future, engine power will be adjustable by pressing the bar near the skill icon (and the idea is while precision control is pressing the bar and selecting the power directly, the burst speed/stop ship wil be pressing the icon for a faster selection).

The actual max speed without any engine is 50 (the same of player speed) . In future a ship without engine can move really slow (and slower than player movement), but with some engines it will be faster (also proportional to ship's weight).

So imagine to follow a fighter or follow a Capital ship... will be two different things.
Yes for now I've more ideas than done things ...

Server autosave
Finally server saves the map (every 150 seconds).
The implications of this new feature are many and really good.

This function made a bug that i fix as soon as possible.


... no words ...
so many bugs...
and so many need to be fixed...


Ship GUI
Many users asked me to make a GUI while building ships. Exactly, i admit is really important to know where is the FRONT side, the UPPER side and RIGHT side (so covering all six directions) while building a ship.

Devices functions
This require some work.
This will be the basic to allow Engines and Cannons and other devices/interfaces existance. So if you edit a ship the game will consider also any edit to actually working devices on ship and update it. For example if an engine is destroyed in fight it will not work anymore.

Ship inertial adapting to another ship
Actually works but makes some absurd behaviours. Example... make a ship, adapted to a ship, adapted to another, and so on... if every ship moves straight forward the last ship's speed is greatly increased!
I have an idea and i will add this feature as soon as possible.

And if all work good probably i add the first device: Engine! (So adding wight parameter)

(Forum news at: probably no more words than these )
(Help me make this game a reality, donate at KAPIPAL)

Sorry for my bad english, im Italian and I try to improve my english article after article, the best way to study another language is trying it.


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