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Worked for what i didn't work a time ago. I think you'll like it :)

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I'm putting up the v1.4 version up. Go get it if you're interested in the changes.

Changes are:

-CVAR: sv_ctm_loadmotd [Default: 1]
Read motd from the motd.txt file, and prints it to the client when it connects. If "start as spectator" is on, then spectator_motd.txt will be read instead.
If it is set to 2, it will print the spectator motd if spectatorstart is 1, and also will print motd.txt.

-CHANGE: Invalid values for weapons will no longer crash, however, an error will be logged into the console, and server won't be started.

-CVAR: sv_ctm_fastswitch [Default: 0] Activates fast weapon switching if not equal to 0.

-CVAR: sv_ctm_positions [Default: 0] If not equal to 0,"On the lead" and "Tied for the lead" messages will be centerprinted.

-CVAR: sv_ctm_spree [Default: 0] If not equal to 0, it will print "player is on a [frags] frag spree!"

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