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*void description* Nuff' said. Just anotha up"dait"

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*Yawn* After some restless time (err... three hours) of work I took this new code, built it and got these changes.

-No need to restart server for "leave message" commands or to enable "sv maplist" commands.

-flood_msgs cvar unlocked for use. Default: 4.

-flood_waitdelay also unlocked for use. Default: 10.

-sv_ctm_spectatorstart cvar. Start joining player as a spectator. Includes "join" and "spectate" commands.
Default: 0.

-Water cvars. They are still on testing, i'll get them working some day. Dunno if they work correctly. Use with caution, as they may not work or make an unstable game.
sv_ctm_water_startdamage [Default: 2]
sv_ctm_water_mult [Default : 2]
sv_ctm_water_maxdamage [Default: 15]

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