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I finally managed to get that compiler working, so there. I'm at the upload.

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Yay! 1.2

Changes are:

-sv_ctm_swqi [0 | 1] (Start with quad as item)
-sv_ctm_allow_lpmsg [0 | 1] (Allow use of l_sermsg and l_pubmsg)
-sv_ctm_sweap [0 | 10] (Set starting weapon, being 0 blaster, and 10 bfg10k. See weapon index.)
-sv_ctm_swammo [any non-negative] (Sets ammo for starting weapon: It doesn't work for blaster.)
-sv_ctm_maplist [0 | 1] (Make use of "maplist.ini" for "sv maplist load/goto n" commands.)
-New scoreboard.
-Maplist.ini : contains a list of maps that can be used with
"sv maplist load" and then
"sv maplist goto n" replace n with the number of the map.

It supports just 16 maps.

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