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v1.2 has been released! This update adds Fields, Farming and Baking!

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  • Added a display at the bottom middle of the screen to display the current dungeon floor (only visible when in the dungeon)
  • Added a Credits screen after the Victory screen
  • Added a display in the lower right of the screen for current status effects
  • Made status effects not persist after a battle is over (either through victory or escape)
  • Added 4 new Male/Female hair styles (including bald)
  • Added a Wheat resource
  • Added a Bread item (restores 10 HP and 10 MP)
  • Added a Field for growing crops (just Wheat at the moment), which unlocks after building 1 House
  • Added a Farmer job (1 Farmer per Field)
  • Added a Bakery building, which unlocks after building 1 Field
  • Added a Baker job (each Baker turns 5 Wheat into 1 Bread)

Check out the Changelog for the most recent developments!

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