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v1.1.1 is now available, and hopefully fixes the last remaining issues that have been found!

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  • Fixed a bug with the weapon/armor crafting with gems not reducing them afterward
  • Made weapon/armor crafting with gems require them to be stored in the village inventory
  • Rebalanced the amount of gems required for weapon/armor crafting
  • Fixed dungeon creature graphics appearing under the player when standing above them
  • Fixed the HP/MP bars for big creatures displaying in the upper-left corner of them (will now display at their feet)
  • Fixed a major bug with loading a game, where the last level of the dungeon would never load
  • Increased the base range of view in the dungeon
  • Changed the dungeon generation code to allow a bit more space between the rooms (dungeon size now scales with the amount of rooms)
  • Increased the chances of chests spawning in dungeon rooms

The game is hopefully bug-free now \o/ but in order to get all the benefits of this version, a new game will need to be started.

Check out the Changelog for the most recent developments!

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