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I encountered some bugs while investigating the installation issues some were having.

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Because of the installation troubles many were facing I reinstalled Freelancer yesterday to test if I had forgotten something important in the release version, but couldn't find anything. I played on my server for three hours without a crash. However I found some issues that made it to the release version and decided to fix them.

To update the mod make sure you always follow this procedure:

  1. Deactivate the mod
  2. Close the Freelancer Mod Manager
  3. Replace the old version with the new files
  4. Start Freelancer Mod Manager
  5. Reactivate the mod


Version 1.1, bugfix update, on the 18th of February 2018:

Important: If you fly a Phobocaster or a Val Varo, make sure your used cargo space is below the new limit before you update to V1.1!
+Added the readme.txt to help with the installation problems that many were facing.
*The cargo size description on the adler and merkur was outdated, it should have been 750 instead of 600
*The cargo size description on the drache was outdated, it should have been 437 instead of 350
*The cargo size description on the Val Varo was outdated, it should have been 62 instead of 84
*The cargo size description on the phobocaster was inconsistent and used an old value. Changed it from 84 to 61
+New loadout for the Feary docking ring
+New loadout for the Werft
->updated the mod and the project files

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