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Changelog for Version 1.1. Note: 1.0 is forgone because of bugs concerning new weapon effects.

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Global Data Changes:
-A higher camera position and a closer zoom-in.
-$500,000 initial funds supported, $50,000 as default initial fund.
-All Base Defense can gain veterancy.
-Allied Mirage Tank/Prism Tower's main weapon, Soviet Tesla and Toxic weapon now all can instant-kill frozen units/structures.
-Allied Cryocopter, Soviet Twinblade, Soviet Kirov Airship now spawn-in above Airfield.
-Only 1 single Hi-Tech Structure (i.e. Bureau, Lab, Mainframe) is allowed to build now.
-Time Bomb now can be sucked into space by Magnetic Satellite.
-More player colors are now available.-All units will be granted an extra 5% moving speed after each veterancy level up.

Bug Fixs:
-Ordering a Wall Piece/Grinder Crane/deployed Outpost vehicle in a team to move will no longer lead to game crash.
-Assault Destroyer & Athena Cannon's Special Ability visual effect now can be displayed correctly while under Iron Curtain.
-Allied Destroyer & Allied Athena Cannon now can use their Special Ability while under Soviet Terror Drone's Paralyze Laser.
-Allied Aircraft Carrier can launch its drones to attack after shot by Soviet Terror Drone*s Paralyze Laser.
-Empire Emperor Mecha now can be captured by engineers after being sniped.
-Terror Drone's paralyze effect will stop immediately once the Drone is ordered to attack a new target. i.e. No on can use downed units to block War Factory doors.-Fix the problem that Tesla Trooper firing from his face.

Allied Data Change List:
-Allied Peacekeeper now can be granted High Tech Upgrade, his shotgun
can only turn over enemy infantries after High Tech Upgraded.
-Allied Multi-gunner can garrison Friendly Terror Drone and use Paralyze Laser.-Allied Mirage Tank's main weapon attack range raised from 125/150 to 150/175 (Before
Veteran / After Heroic), scatter radius increased 100%
-Allied Athena Cannon now has a new weapon.-Allied Dolphin now set as submarine type, its Jump ability now cause damage to enemy infantries in water.
-Allied Hydrofoil's main weapon now use clip system with 10 bullets; reload time is 1 second.-Allied Vindicator now can drop bombs immediately after being built.
-Allied Apollo Fighter's weapon attack range decreased form 200 to 175, firing speed
increased 50%; gains bullet effect and 50% ammo amount increase after heroic.-Allied Century Bomber now fire missiles instead of drop bombs, attack range 225, same
damage amount per Missile as original bomb does.
-Allied Assault Destroyer*s Special Ability, Magnetic Armor, can be created on target AND itself on the same time; ability reload time is 45 seconds, Magnetic Armor on target lasts for 15 seconds, while its own lasts for 30 seconds.
-Allied Aircraft Carrier*s attack drones now can attack air and change target after take off and offer 200 exp. to attacker once being destroyed; add an radius cursor for Special Ability for easy targeting, EMP Cruise Missile now cause some same damage amount as Soviet Dreadnought's missile; added particle system for EMP effect.
-Allied Outpost now can build allied structures.
After initial deployment: Powerplant, Barracks, Refinery, Tech Structure, Wall,
Multi-gunner Turret
After Purchasing Allied Tech 1:War Factory, Prism Tower, Naval Yard, Air Base
Allied Tech 2: Defense Bureau, Chronosphere

Empire Data Change List:
-After unlocking Honorable Discharge, Imperial Warriors now can attack structures with their Special Ability. Also, the ability now lasts 30 seconds.
-Empire Dojo can train Archer Maidens now.
-Yuriko's Training cost increased by 10%. Her Special Ability now can paralyze Structures for 5s/7.5s (before heroic/after heroic), she can't crash T3 air units anymore, instead cause a 4% damage of max health per 0.1 second (just like her normal weapon against infantry).
-Empire Wave Force Artillery now own a new weapon logic, it will attack target continually and gain a new laser effect. Special Ability changed into Attack Order, brings 75 damage to self and friendly units in range 300; all units in AOE gains 200% more firepower but with speed decrease 50% and armor decrease 25%.
-Tengu (Jet mode) firing speed increased by 100%, damage per shot increased 8.7%.
-All Shogun Battleships will be accompanied by AI-controlled Navy Tengu units for air defense. Defender Tengus' attack range 250 (1/3 of main weapon attack range) Shogun's Main Weapon now fire double projectiles with new visual effects; projectile speed increased 33.33%, damage decreased 50%.
-Psionic Decimator blasts now compress units before exploding, like a mix between Yuriko and Vacuum Imploder blasts.

Soviet Data Change List:
-After unlocking Mass Production, a Soviet player can pay $3000 for each of his or her War Bear to turn into an Ursa Major. The upgraded bear can attack vehicles & structures.-Soviet Conscript's ADK rifle now has 6 bullets per clip with better splash, damage amount decrease 40%, Molotov Cocktails now have a veteran explosion effect.
-Soviet Barracks now can produce Shadow Team Infiltrators, can use C4 to attack vehicles and fire autopistols against airborne targets when airborne.
-Soviet Terror Drone Melee weapon fire rate increased 50%.-Soviet vehicles will have an upgrade visual effect (similar to Allied High Tech Upgrade effect) after unlocking Grinder Treads, and gain a move speed increase of 5%, shroud clearing range increase 25%.
-All Soviet Vehicles, Ships, Submarines ( except Terror Drones and aircraft) now spawn Hijack Drone after Drone Surprise Protocol.-Hijack Drones spawned from vehicle wrecks will hijack target ( except MCVs ) and cost $1500 per vehicle.
-Soviet Hammer Tank can leech Terror Drone to gain Paralyze Laser and Flamethrower from Flamethrower Sentry Gun.
-Soviet players now can construct Tesla Tank in War Factory. It attacks enemies with ball lightnings; once a ball hits target it will cause a storm in above area and attack enemies in perimeter with lightning bolts. Its Special Ability is Tesla Nova which spreads electricity around; the initial burst cause no damage, but affected units will activate a Tesla rippling effect. The more units
are affected, the greater damage the ripple will cause. Can be leeched by Hammer Tank.
-Soviet V4 Rocket Launchers Rockets in precision mode are now able to fuzzy-track target unit; in MIRV mode quantity of warheads has increased 50%.
-Soviet Mig Fighter*s weapon attack range increased form 200 to 225, Ammo amount increased 25%, firing speed increased 40%, warhead damage radius increased 275%
-Soviet Dreadnought*s Rockets weapon are now able to fuzzy-track target, and
attack air.
-Soviet Sentry Gun now use a flamethrower with splash damage.-Soviet Super Reactor has new explosion effect.
-Soviet Tech Lab's building procedure now is more like the Allied type ( to prevent AI from building & canceling over and over ).
-Soviet Outpost now has 5 garrison slots.

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