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You can play v1.0.1.0 of Colour Stacker, right now! Wheee! This "news" piece contains the changelog and the link to the download!

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Hey everyone!

I've been working on a couple more puzzles (10 to be precise), and I feel like it's time to put the game out in the wild again. Now, as version, with many new features, and loads of bug fixes.

Tha changelog:

  • Added 10 more puzzles!
  • Added the 'counter' block
  • Added black, white and orange blocks
  • You can now select blocks which do not lie next to the block you've already selected, canceling the current selection by doing so.
  • Added a proper texture to the blocks for a more refined look
  • Brightness--
  • Bloom++
  • Added a new menu screen
  • You can now resize the window to whatever size you want it to; And the game (almost) supports any resolution aswell!
  • Fixed some general issues with the postprocessing effects
  • Reduced the amount of specular from the shader (everything was a little too shiny...)
  • Improved performance by a lot (this was required to make it run on Android)
  • Added a new tooltip to level 9 (Stuck), to inform players a bit more on the mechanics
  • Changed the way you move the camera a little bit for multiplatform support
  • Added an invert mouse option (press middle mouse button to do so)

Maybe I've missed some things on the changelog, but I think I didn't. Anyhow, you can now play the newest version by either clicking on the downloads tab on IndieDB, or by visiting the GameJolt page.

Have fun and leave a comment if you can!

Note: Make sure you have DirectX installed (9 or above) or you cannot play!

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