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A quick breakdown of what I'm currently working on and the immediate plans.

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Well yesterday I posted a video here on IndieDB and it got quite a significant amount of views (well, relatively!) - so I thought I'd post another one today. I'm going to aim to update this page much more often as I build up to the release of StuntCarOnline version 1!

What can I tell you about today?

Well, I've changed the cars physical set up, and fixed many thousands of little bugs that were annoying me (mostly fixing stuff that's going on behind the scenes to be honest) but I want to get it nice and robust for the first release.

In the short term I'm working on making the menu's look "okay" - Unity has it's own default menu scheme, that looks, well, a bit rubbish, and my buttons were all randomly laid out all over the screen (as well as boost indicators!) - well I'm [slowly] hacking through changing all this. Implementing a track select menu (now why would I need that? I wonder.. tomorrows update perhaps?)

I'm also working on some *crazy* stuff that I'll share over the coming months and days, nothing I can talk about just yet...


"*crazy* stuff"?... daaaaamn now I'm really curious XD

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Nice update and video.
I still hope you plan on adding some kind of railing in the turns....
I also hope there will eventually be some loops or barrel rolls.... that would be extremely fun!
Keep up the hard work

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StuntCarOnline Author

I think there's going to be railings on some of the turns, on some of the tracks, (I'm currently thinking an "easy" "medium" and "hard" track for release.. with Easy having barriers on some corners)

Barrel Rolls.. hmmm, that'd be an interesting modelling challenge! :D

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