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Here are the differences between Brutal Fork and Brutal Doom v20b:

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+ Added Pistol (Uses Bullets)
+ Added Revolver (Uses 18 shots per Cylinder), drops from Chaingunners, art effects from project brutality. Custom Balancing. Revolver ejects appropriate casings upon reload.
+ Zombie enemies now drop grenades, with a higher drop chance from higher ranking zombies
+ Custom Smoothed SSG alt-fire animations, less jerky reload
+ RocketLauncher now has Super Rocket alt-fire, consumes 3 rockets, has twice the damage and radius of standard rocket explosion, rocket trails less opaque, also has a larger flair trail.
+ Pistol Alt-Fire is punching, this does get a damage boost from berserk packs
+ Made a magazine ejection sprite for MP40+ Can now pick up Cyberdemon, zombieman and imp heads and throw them, enemy heads have damage values appropriate to their size and shape.

+ Make hanging corpses destructable by bullets
+ Revenant skulls now destructable
+ Nightmare mode: 50% faster enemies, Enemies deal 50% more damage to the player


- Removed splash damage from plasma balls.


~ Plasma Rifle, and Dual Plasma rifle projectiles slow down as they discharge
~ Plasma Rifle now fires 15 projectiles per shotgun shot, and has wider horizontal spread and slightly narrower vertical spread
~ Plasma Rifle now emits smoke as it overheats
~ Changed bullet carry capacity back to 400
~ Starting weapon is now pistol
~ Assault Rifle now on slot 4
~ Assault Rifle is now a burst fire weapon consuming 3 ammo per shot
~ Barrels no longer slow the player down while being carried.
~ Player can now set barrel back down, no longer punches with 3rd fist.
~ Grenades have a max capacity of 4, and 8 with a backpack
~ Grenades are no longer a Mary Sue and are now situational, not a replacement for rockets, and have a lower radius.
~ Shotgun damage is now 8x8 and spread is now tighter, and feels more like the original doom shotgun
~ Shotgun recoil reworked slightly, now slightly throws your aim off (this is to balance it against the SSG because it was outperforming the SSG)
~ SSG spread slightly decreased, power increased by 12.5%, Alt-Fire mode has more consistent recoil.
~ Chaingun, firerate reduced to 700 rounds per minute, alt fire increased to 1400 rounds per minute
~ Chaingun recoil reduced on primary fire, increased on secondary fire.
~ Chaingun spread patterns significantly altered.
~ Most automatic weapons have gradually increasing spread under held fire.
~ Cacodemons now never fart thrust themselves a full straight gangsta mile.
- Barrel flame retarded.
~ Zombiemen now carry burst fire assault rifles.
~ Dual Assault rifles are also burst fire.
~ Assault rifle damage per round is now 10
~ Cyberdemon balls now rockets again.
~ Rebalanced Secret_Weapon_MP40
~ Replaced BFG9000 detonation sound with something that doesn't unconsentually molest ears.
~ Rebalanced Nazis
~ Rockets no longer blind the player with smoke at launch.
~ Rockets deal less damage than their standard brutal v20b counterparts, but now have an alt-fire
~ Plasma gun ammo up from 50 to 60
~ Change plasmagun reload and sound properly synced
~ Game now drops items instead of droping them
~ Plasma gun can now hit barrels
~ Brutal no longer interferes with the speed of doom, (barons rip things in half 100% faster)
~ Minigun draw animation is faster
~ Plasma gun reload speed 2 tics shorter to sync with reload speed
~ Change bfg icon to bfg instead of BFTREE
~ Corpses against walls are now destructible in multiplayer, and don't disappear when missing a wall.
~ Revolver puff
~ Kick force increased back to levels similar to those found in bdv19 (Feeling like a badass is ALWAYS relevant.)
~ Kicking walls no longer pushes you back (Real life testing dictates that this is dumb.)
~ Grenades do not queue for throw during chaingun fire
~ Made doomguy sounds not challenge everything (Like EA splash voice overs)
~ BFG splash no longer hurts friendlies
~ Doomguys have burst fire assault rifles
~ Weapon tilt on kick with revolver and pistol
~ Make dual wield weapons drop appropriate casings depending on which one has utilized ammo
~ Reverted pinky sounds back to original doom sound
~ Reverted Revenant sounds back to original doom sound
~ Nightmare is highest difficulty and additional brutal difficulties removed
~ Disarmed pinkies no longer drop 3rd arm
~ Make assault rifle not classified as a wimpy weapon
~ Alt fire punch can be used improperly when head out
~ Improved super rocket aesthetics - Make them FEEL different.
~ Fixed hellknight / baron super shotgun death animation by creating a new death state.

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