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An update and description of Oblivionaut's release and development plan.

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Release Plan:

The Oblivionauts v1.0 release is going to be staggered through a separation into two parts: the Foundation Release, and the Citadel Release.

The first part of the v1.0 release is planned for completion in May-April. Hopefully it will be complete in April, but I am setting mid-May as the expected release time because software always takes longer to make than expected. More info on a specific release date will be given when it is available.

Foundation Release:

The Foundation Release (v0.5) will include everything required for modders to create maps for Oblivionauts. It will feature a hub, from which the player can travel to other realms of Oblivion by choosing a map from a list. At the hub you can heal, rest, trade and upgrade your equipment, as well as interact with the characters in that hub. The hub will include some pre-written and voice-acted characters that help you progress your character and travel to other realms. A unique background story is included, but you will not be required to learn about or participate in it to use the features of Oblivionauts. The primary goal of the Foundation Release and its hub is not to tell a story and quest, but rather to provide provide a way for modders to make their own without worrying about conflicts and incompatibilities with vanilla Skyrim or other mods.

Citadel Release:

The Citadel Release (v1.0) will be the release of the first complete Realm for Oblivionauts. It will include a new Worldspace for you to explore and vanquish. I don't want to reveal too many details or plans for the Citadel yet. However, we will post an update when we are ready to reveal our designs for the map.

Current Progress:

Currently, the Foundation Release is about 1/3 - 1/2 complete. Before this ModDB page was created, most of our work was conceptual and primarily included drawing up designs and plans. Since the creation of the ModDB page, the more visual work in the Creation Kit has been the center of focus.

Scheduled family visits have taken place on my weekends during the past two weeks, and my work hours have been irregular, keeping me from modding as much as I would like. However, it appears as if I will be able to get back on track in the following weeks.

How to help:

In previous articles I told you to apply on the forums to join the team. I am going write a news article soon detailing changes for the contribution system soon. The article will show you how you can actively contribute to the project with art, designs, and level-designing through the Creation Kit without committing to the project. The biggest barrier to people interested in helping with a project is the committal which they have to make to the team. I want to avoid that need to commit, so I am working on setting up a system that makes our project open-source. This will make Oblivionauts more accessible to modders who wish to contribute their work and time to Oblivionauts without having to officially become part of the team. Details will come soon, so read the following section on how to stay tuned if you want to be updated.

Stay Tuned!

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