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Hey All Credits, sorry it wasn't in the download V0.1 it out....

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A VERY basic version is now out and before i continue id like to say thank to the following people
mapayne - Star Trek, Federation At War -
razielkanos - Star Trek, Federation At War -
merlingalgotta - Stargate, Empire At War -
Klon - Stargate, Empire At War -
Hokta - Stargate, Empire At War -
n1tr0u5 - BattleStar Galactica, Third Colonial War -

All of the above people or The team that works under them in there respective mods all deserve credit for models, projectiles, skins, more or less everything (including code). I have blended there work together to get this. In the coming weeks i will be fixing conflicts in the code and i promise to add the text file to the next patch. The reason i cant just remove the download and re-upload it is because my Internets shaped now (dial up speed yay....). If i do itd take me till the middle of next week. So instead im writing this and saying sorry for the missing credits the text file. I will have it in there next time.

Ok on a more positive note. Nothing to do with my screw ups. Ill be working on new projectile coding for BSG units. For the colonial fleet. Not the Cylon fleet. I need to do the tank style shell in the front of the Pegasus and Galactica. And then the big guns on the back.So yeh. Itll be interesting lol.

Ill do a fully update some time down the track so ill be checking back throughout today to see what u think.

Also ive decided on what Star Trek units ill be using to begin with and how they will be balanced in

Star Trek (i know this wont be 100% cannon but i need to balance this thing somehow)
Type9 (light fighter)
Type11 (heavy fighter)
Danube Torpedo (Bomber)
Constitution Class (antifighter/bomber - Corvette class)
Excelsior Lakota (AntiCorvette - Frigate class)
Sorveign Class (Anti-Capital - Capital Class)
Excalibur(Antifrigate/corvette/Capital - Carrier Class)

Im thinking of doing 5 BSG heroes
The Pegasus with Admaril Helena Cain
The Galactica with Admiral William Adama
Starbuck in a Viper (like the millennium falcon and SG1)
Scar Squad(a new raider hero like vader or red squadron)
Number One in control of a BaseStar


hey, i must say i absolutely love your mod. its great and a good replacement for my other mods. i am having a problem though. in skirmish battles, the AI team never wants to fight back or do anything. they just sit there and wait for me to attack and then try and destroy me. i am quite perplexed at this. is there anything i can do to make them try and progress?? or do they just sit at a level one space station with 2 fighter garrisons deployed and wait?

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Patch 1.1 for FoC installed?

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Spinobreaker Author

i have never had this issue has anyone else?

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