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stargate san andreas rebellion is here list of feature is on the summary or in the readme enjoy

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Stargate San Andreas rebellion

: for instal

First in replaceingta3img, replace the file in on this
for those who don't know how it's work just use IMGtools
open GTA3.img and replace the file and rebuilt your file when you have finish

two replace all your gta sa file by mine and add the new file

now you can play.

this is the list of feature :

stargate at arco de oeste
abydos interior and exterior
first base of rebellion
Hatak placement

:ship non driveable for the moment

:ship driveable

:coding change
Ring Transporter
Stargate animation
Stargate Interstellar displacement
first mission Requiem of San andreas
Army replace the cop

and some hidden bonus

For driving ship for the moment take the hydra or the AT400 and press
1 for deathglider
2 for teltak
3 for alkesh

nb : for teltak and deathglider use AT400 due to the camera

for use the stargate go to the arco del oeste and when you are near the DHD select the destination abydos
and put the code ABYDOS0 and press enter for activate it.
for go to abydos to san andreas press ANDREAS

go to the gate or press enter for turn off it.

and for requiem of San andreas go to verdant meadow and and began the mission
nb: some bug due to this mission exist some crash so don't go on las venturas or los santos

a patch for this mission will be available soon

have fun with that

nb: an hiden bonus is this version who can find it the first?

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