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Finally I am releasing a much more up to date version of the Expanded Galaxy Project.

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For a while I was only uploading to DeadlyStream due to internet access issues.

0.8.2 brings a lot of updates since 0.5.0 check the patch notes for full details.

The player now has the choice to manually travel to Malachor V now, there are also a lot of small fixes and updates to levels from the main game.

There are five new HK-50 encounters that offer the chance to get a HK part or scan for the HK factories location, there is the mystery box quest available from the swoop registration office on tatooine, there is a smuggling quest and an encounter with a gang on Sleheyron as well as merchants that will offer different items depending on how many Jedi the Exile has found.

This also includes the upgradeable swoop bike mod by bead-v, the extended jedi council meeting by kexikus, the extended carth meeting by danil-ch, m4-78 fog fixes by timurd2003, sideways malachor v doors by varsitypuppet and a few others all noted in the readme. ( I sought out and received permission to include these modes ) - I am also looking for others mods to include so if you are a modder or know of a mod you think should be included let me know and I will consider it and contact the author to request permission to include their mod.

I am looking for suggestions for things to alter throughout the course of the main game so feel free to comment and let me know if you have any ideas or have found bugs in the main game.

Also looking for people to get involved with the project so if you are interested contact me through DeadlyStream, Discord or on here.

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