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Hey guys, it is Matt here! Today I've got the release date and some exciting information for v0.60 of Battlefield 2: World at War, plus some information on a new Twitter feed, a possible website, YouTube update, and some more information.

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Hey everyone, it's Matt! Let's get straight to business!

Battlefield 2: World at War v0.60:
V0.60 will be released on Christmas Eve (December 24th, 2014). To celebrate the holidays, v0.60 will be the developers version of Battlefield 2: World at War! This version has a few features that are in beta that aren't yet in the game.

List of features:
New faction (Sweden)
New guns by Develop013
Tweaked gore
New maps
Gamebanana Map Pack
Weapon balancing
Vehicle balancing
Bodies stay longer
New vehicle wrecks / vehicle wrecks last longer
BF3 Imitation HUD (Temporary - need someone to make HUD until I learn how!)
New muzzle flashes
New intro movies
New music
New textures

Download for v0.60
The download for v0.60 won't be a traditional download. I no longer have the Battlefield 2 editor file so I'm going to upload my Mod folder from Battlefield 2 that has everything in it to Mediafire or Google Drive. I'll also try Gamefront, File Planet, Gamebanana, and ModDB. This will make installation easy. All you have to do is make a copy of your mods folder and place the copy somewhere safe then replace the mods folder with mine. Simple :D

We need some help!
We lost one of our two talented texture artists and are in need of one!

We need someone who can port weapons from Battlefield Play4Free and make them usable in BF2!

We need someone to make a HUD!

I'm learning all of these but it takes time and we can use a lot of people!

Message Xythos!


Swedish Army Screenies!

Swedish Armed Force

Swedish Armed Force

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