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Welcome back everyone Its been a while since news where released about development...

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Welcome back everyone
Its been a while since news where released about development of Death is Alive
Due to some technical issues,we couldn't update you about the status of the modification
Since the take over from Ancient Spark,modification suffered a lot of changes
Here we go with a list of updates:

1. Map Updates

We noticed huge problems in performance of the maps.
Some of them were crashing,either having low frames per second on high-end cards
Taking notice from community,Zombie Strike concentrated on fixing the issues
Maps that suffered changes so far in fixing process:

Frostbite - Included New Weather and Gamemode (more coming soon!)
Frostbite Night - Removed effects that where reducing performance
Graveyard - Because of problems with objets,we reduced the view range by 200%
Midnight Escape - Work in Progress
Alpine Train Night - Work in Progress

2. Other Updates

Not only maps deserved their updates,but also weapons and voicelines
As Frostbite maps are taking place in Alaska,we retextured them as they should be at release
Updated where sounds of the "Cougher" Zombie,them being short and clear
The annoying sound that zombies made was removed,because of requests
Pickups were reworked and some animation issues where corrected

3. Is this a Patch?

At this stage,its correct to consider this update a patch
V0.2 brought even more issues to modification,and V0.3 only implementing new content
With these problems,we cant include new content to modification
After the Final Version of V0.4 will be achieved,next updates will include content
The fall of Ancient Spark caused very big development leaps,making the releases unstable

This is it for this update everyone
Thank you for following us,and see you next time!
Zombie Strike


Looks like you finally got a stable team to work over this modification :D
Can't wait to see V0.4 release!

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*Reply is released in 2018*
This final patch is adressing most of the issues the mod has
Such as crashes, instability and of course the bad content
More information coming soon

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