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A lot of work went into the balance and fixes in this version. Please report any and all crashes you experience while running Legion - see the first section for details. Please be sure to uninstall the Weapons Tracking mod.

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  • The server mod HodgePodge has been added as a dependency. If your strategic icons are missing you need to install this mod in CMM.
  • Please uninstall Weapons Tracking as the required changes have been merged directly into Legion.
  • Report any crashes experienced while playing with Legion


  • Anti-air symbol added to Jaeger build bar icon
  • Weapon range circles disabled for uncontrollable entities
  • Earthshaker camera shake reduced by 50%
  • Necromancer's Purgers no longer selectable with factory built Purgers and have been coloured red to distinguish them
  • Strategic icons now show for jumping Purgers and Investigators

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  • Rampart nerf
    • Shield no longer starts fully charged when built
  • Earthshaker buff
    • Rate of fire changed from 4 to 3.3
    • Damage decreased from 1500 to 1200
    • Splash damage decreased from 500 to 400
  • Scorpion buff
    • Ammo velocity increased to 110
  • Loki buff
    • Rate of fire changed from 3 to 2
    • Main gun damage modifier against air units changed from 0.75 to 0.5
  • Enforcer nerf
    • Range decreased from 110 to 100
  • Maul nerf
    • Health decreased from 1300 to 1150
  • Walker Factory nerf
    • Metal cost increased from 600 to 660
  • Armour Foundry nerf
    • Metal cost increased from 600 to 660
  • Flyer Foundry nerf
    • Metal cost increased from 600 to 660
  • Ship Foundry nerf
    • Metal cost increased from 600 to 660
  • Peacekeeper buff
    • Rate of fire changed from 0.9 to 0.83
  • Lancer change
    • Damage increased from 6 to 125
    • Rate of fire changed from 0.1 to 1.64
  • Purger nerf
    • Health decreased from 80 to 70

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  • Black icons caused by memory limit replaced with dots
  • Animation log errors fixed for a variety of units
  • Salamander drop turret physics errors fixed
  • Salamander drop turret no longer plays fire effect when it dies
  • Mixed UI action bar now transparent like the MLA UI
  • Mixed UI planet list bar now transparent and no longer blocks metal counts
  • Necromancer Purgers now properly attack units at long range automatically
  • Imperator ground attack drones no longer missing unit selection portraits
  • Orbweaver muzzle flash now appears in the correct position
  • Error in Thor animations fixed
  • Kaiju projectiles now properly blocked by Rampart
  • Jaeger projectiles now properly blocked by Rampart
  • Legion no longer overrides weapon effect mods
  • Cleanup of file shadowing
  • Lobby overlay no longer broken when Legion theme is disabled

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