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We've added a tonne of new stuff to the world of Eden Star with this update. Changelist ahoy!

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Please note: Hotfixes for stability issues after the initial release now put the current build version at v0.0.13

Greetings Pioneers!

Today you’ll get to see the efforts from the team over the last few months come together in a good chunky release. We’ve refactored the build system and menus to allow for a greater variety of structures including half-walls, curved walls, arches, windowed walls and a door!

We have expanded the map and added a new Swamp Biome for you to explore... We’ve added the new generator and power system to allow for bigger bases and more defences. We have also revamped our foliage tools to make them more efficient, meaning denser forests and hopefully an increased frame rate, woot!

Please note: Saves from version 0.0.10 and below will no longer work in this version! This is due to the brand new map and build system.

  • New Construction System added! - Enjoy the new and improved building experience. Say goodbye to the chain of complex menus and build anything right in front of you. Activate the Building Module (default button: 2) to access your block schematics. You can now scroll through your available Holograms and Materials (default: mousewheel) and see the result in the persistent “Construction Output Window”. If you are happy with your decision, just press a button to place (default: LMB) your structure.
  • We’ve expanded the current level by 150% adding a whole new biome - the Swamp! Work is still continuing on a brand new map which will be much bigger!
  • New instanced foliage system. This system should drastically improve performance of our foliage, and allow us to create large areas of dense, destructible forest more quickly than ever before. Going forward, this will also be fully replicable in multiplayer!
  • Added 20 new primitives including ceilings, corners, half walls, and pillars for you to build awesome bases out of!
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? The new Utility - the Door! It requires a small amount of power, but will open just for you.
  • New Utility - the Power Generator. You are now able to extend your power reserves and reach with the first of many generators to come. Power Generator and Eden Kits connect together into Power Networks which consolidate and distribute produced power.
  • New Power System and Power UI added!
  • New enemy Hive defense - Cirrus Spore - These will pop up around hives and fire acid at you!
  • New Neutral Fauna type - The Swamp Walker
  • New Motion Graphics HUD. The new HUD will no longer blur as you move around the world, maintaining pixel perfect images throughout; even on lower quality settings.
  • Added the option to adjust FOV via the options menu.
  • Added a new material - Illumium! This is a new energy Material used for Laser-related upgrades and buildings. You can find it in the new swamp biome.
  • Added new jungle-style trees and improved tree visuals.
  • Added a new perception system to the AI which should make them more efficient.
  • The Drop Pod can now be salvaged for Materials.

  • Balancing pass for build/craftables. See this balancing spreadsheet for detail and make suggestions!
  • Buildables are no longer held in the inventory and instead are created and placed on the fly. The player inventory will now only contain Consumables (ammo), Materials and Weapons (before equipping them).
  • While the Tool is equipped, Scrolling the mouse wheel no longer cycles through Equipped Modules, you must use the select keys (1,2,3,4,5 by default). You can still scroll through weapons with the mouse wheel when in weapon mode (‘Q’).
  • Revamped Onyx and Rock shader/textures.
  • Revamped Landscape shader/textures.
  • Improved visuals for AI disintegration.
  • Smashed Splintermites now drop more deadly spikes.
  • HUD elements now fade out when not in use.
  • Added Build Snapping using the PowerShift Key (Ctrl Key by default), which even lets you snap Eden Kits together.
  • Normal mode will no longer grant you foundations, walls and turrets as buildables are no longer added to the inventory before placement.
  • Removed Gauss Gun upgrades for increasing spread.
  • Lowered Aim Down Sights turn rate.
  • Selling and Regenerating structures will now tell you how long their process will take in the on-screen scan display while targeting the items.
  • Added Access Point functionality to the Eden Kit - If you’re close and looking at your Eden Kit and then press Tab, you will automatically be taken to the Eden Kit UI. In future other utility buildings may use a similar system.
  • Increased viewing distances of the level meaning you can now see foliage and rocks over a greater distance.
  • Streaming tweaks.

  • Fixed a crash to do with dying without an Eden Kit.
  • Fixed a crash to do with level streaming.
  • Fixed Splintermites recovering in mid-air sometimes.
  • Fixed flickering white pixels on Low and Medium Quality setting.
  • Fixed an issue causing Vogels not to react to the player.
  • Fixed a hole in the level that players could crawl through (thanks Thunderwolf47!).
  • Fixed bug resulting in small gaps appearing in some areas of the level.
  • Fixed Small Trees being placed too low into the ground preventing you from building over them even after destroying them.
  • Fixed some AI and Flora spawning underground.
  • Fixed some Onyx chunks not colliding with player.
  • Fixed numerous terrain texture issues.
  • Fixed Internal texture visuals on destructible rocks.
  • ...and many other general fixes!

We have made every effort to iron out the major bugs and some of the issues raised in the last build in relation to short freezes moving between areas. Please tell us if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

You can find the latest know issues list here[]

We have updated our guide to include information on the new features, you can find it here - Pioneers Guide

If you are having issues building any certain structure on top of another, find the controls difficult, or happen to find any other bugs or annoyances - Let us know on our forums and we can work on further fixes and tweaks. :)

Happy Hunting!

-Team Flix



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