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New Units, release will be on time. Maybe needs some balancing, but I'm open for suggestions.

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Well tomorrow I'll post the first Version of my mod. There are some bugs, especially one in GC, so, if I can't fix it until tomorrow,you will find all StarDestroyers twice when playing Empire. Rebellion now has gotten a stolen StarDestroyer, stolen by a corrupt Moff of the Empire. As far as I can say now, there will soon be an update (new mod) in which are the descriptions for the new Units changed. Until then, the new StarDestroyer remains as [MISSING]. Would be great if anyone could tell me how to write a new description, since I don't know how.
Empire now has Advantage until Rebellion is on Tech-5.
All Imperial Ships stronger.
Rebels now can build Tantive 4 as normal unit. Soon available as Hero? Sure.
Available in following Version (maybe already in 1.0?) are surely mixed Squadrons, E.g. 2 X-Wings, 1 Y-Wing, 2 A-Wings...
Don't think of adding this for Imperial forces, since they had never mixed Squadrons.
Well, never saw mixed Squadrons neither, but I know that they would do so.
WELL, mod still needs BALANCING, that's sure.
So, if you find such issues, like too strong Shields or something similar, just write it here, or under the mod, or PM to me.
That's it.

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