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Uub finally released - Melee reboot - (de)Regeneration

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Its been a while, and we were not inactive, we just didnt find vounteers to post news :P

With Uub, we introduce a slightly different characterconcept - it was planned as completely different concept, but we got confused and tried a in-between solutuion. Goal was also to catch Uubs in-between state he reached at end of DBZ, not having real moves but more raw energy and the will to form it.
Traditional moves:

2 - Kiblast
1+2 - Doublearrow
2+U - and here it starts getting different...
Directional moves:
each of the 8 directions combined with A2 will shoot a kiblast in that diretion. you can ue your directionkeys to slightly influence the direction of the move.
Due to too many frustrating shots into the air, we decided to keep 2+U in a traditional way as high damage homing attack - but also with a slight control via directionkeys.

Melee reboot
It took a long time and lots of curses to realize that the easy ways are always the best... and so its disapointingly little to say about it:
- Blocked melee now interrupts blind keysmashing
- Superhits (direction, counterdirection, 1) can break blocks
- Combos are triggered by superhits at 4x or higher combocount (no more extra keys to memorize)
- Superkicks activte instant transmission to track down fleeing opponents
- Chasing kiballs will help you keep track of your opponent in wild struggle (hold 1 when out of melee range)
- dealing melee damage will regenerate your energy bar

The management of the stats has been slightly changed to increase the gamespeed:
- Energy regenerates faster the more energy you already have - spam your energy away and you will get into trouble
- Charging powerlevel (U+K) now also increases your energy regeneration and regenerates health if the opponent is dead or uncanscious

In next time:
- The rescripting to a clean format takes a lot of time and will go on
- New characters are on the way
- The engine will still be optimized
- A lot of little fixes, changes and improvements at the moves is on our todo list

So long, and thanks for all the frags
Have Phun :D
Loozzer S. Duck

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