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Woohoo! We are live on IndieDB. We are super excited to be part of the community and share our progress. First thing we wanna do is introduce you to our game: Escape From - UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation

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In Escape From - Utopia 9 - A Volatile Vacation You play the most recent guest on Utopia, the best vacation planet the galaxy has to offer. Terraformed to give you the ultimate holiday.

But when you arrive nothing is as promised. The environment is deadly, everything is buried in sand, the local critters are not domesticated, and the promised babes in bikinis are nothing but mutated freaks.

You become outraged! Nobody swindles you. You must file a complaint against the travel agency!
It’s is your bound duty as a citizen of humanity to complain!

While the levels changes with each game you play, the world retains the impact your previous playthrough wrought. For example, if you chose to turn off the forcefield of the city, the next character you play, will find the city overgrown.

When you get killed, the enemy that killed you, grow stronger. It takes your gear, evolves new abilities, and becomes a miniboss in its own right. So yeah, your super cool “BFG over 9000” isn’t necessarily completely lost. You just gotta fight for it.

When it comes to the gory feedback we have payed special attention to detail. The amounts of blood and gore makes your ride through the world flow so much smoother. Sometimes it becomesalmost artistic.

But take care! All this fun comes with a price. If you don’t handle yourself well, you will die. Permanently. Forever. And if you think that isn’t bad enough, just remember, your cool arsenal just went over to the bad guys.

Right now we have 14 different guns, 3 melee weapons, 4 armors and 2 shields. We want to at least make twice as many, of each category, and better yet, three times as many.

You soon realize that filing that complaint is about as easy, as rocket science is not.

In order to do this you must first travel through the tourist towns, that are covered in sand and overrun by hostile mutants and aliens.

Then brave the unforgiving jungle of the world, filled with ravenous plants and ancient extraterrestrial ruins.

And at last, find your way through the massive fortified industrial complex, eliminating the mutant resistance.

After which you get to the travel companies headquarter, where you will file your complaint, and then get the hell off the planet!

We have many dreams for Utopia 9 that we hope we can make in the future. Most of these dreams are only limited by time and money. Here is a few:

Singleplayer is awesome and works wonders with roguelikes. Massacring mutants can become almost meditative and you can take all the time you need to defile the corpses just the way you like it.
But, why choose? The same fun can be had with a buddy. Multiplayer could open up for other game modes than cooperative. We were thinking a battle royale kind of game would work especially well with our game. But there are numerous possibilities we would like to explore once we get there.

We are targeting Windows users to begin with, but since we are developing in Unity 3D, future ports to Mac and Linux should be straight forward. It is definitely our goal to port to as many platforms as possible, but to begin with, we need to be greenlit in order to move forward.

After working 4 years in the mobile game industry we grew tired of an environment dominated by marketing strategies and catchphrases. So in 2014 we created Whalegun and began development on Escape From - Utopia 9 - A Volatile Vacation.
Our base of operations is in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark, in a small art atelier. We work alongside a talented painter and another small promising indie team.

What is a Whalegun? It’s similar to a Railgun, but nearly almost exactly the opposite of a Quailgun.

Game website: Whalegun

Facebook: Utopia 9

Steam: Greenlight

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