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The Description of UTMCoop. UTMCoop is a Unreal Tournament Modification that lets you to play as a Unreal 1 monster.

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This mod is NOT made by me, it's made by Winged Unicorn!!

NOTE: this mutator will NOT work with Valhalla Avatar!!

As mentioned before, UTMCoop lets you to play as a Unreal 1 monster.
For example:
You're a Warlord. You can fly by pressing jump, L to land (if close to ground), or just fall. When you will press L ON the ground, you
will enter the "Teleport Mode", in this teleport mode, you'll be flying like if you were using the "fly" cheat. Press L again to appear.

Warlord Gameplay Example:
If you'll jump off, you won't fall down, you'll be flying.
Go to the enemy base and shoot 'em down.
Take their flag and take it back to your base.

Mercenary Gameplay Example:
A normal, slowish Mercenary.
Press L to activate the invulnerable shield (lasts 30 seconds).
It will deactivate eventually.
Press other Taunt keys to dance and other stuff.

Last Gameplay Example, Krall:
You're just a normal krall.
You can shoot with your staff and when you crouch walk, you'll become legless. :P
Use K taunt to throw dice, and press L to pick them up while standing near/on them.
Fun for creating a "Krall Dice Party", hehehe.

FireMode Examples on some classes:
Mercenary: If you are standing still, you'll fire bullets only about two times. When you move you'll shoot rockets, Right click to melee.
Krall: Standing still makes you shoot bolts slightly faster, when moving you'll shoot slightly slower. Right click to melee.
Warlord: When moving, standing or flying, everything will be the same speed/fire mode, right click to melee, when flying press L to land or fall down, go lower so you won't get fall damage, press L on ground to enter the "Teleport mode".
Queen: When standing, you can shoot, when moving you can't, right click to melee, press L to enter "Teleport mode", press K or J to activate shield. (I don't know if it's K or J exactly.)

Now find out the other stuff by yourself!


To run this package simply extract UTMCoop.u and into your UnrealTournament\System folder.
If you plan to run a server, you should also add it in the Server Packages list.
To do so, just open UnrealTournament.ini and add this line under other Server Packages in lines


(If you aren't a newbie you'll know where to put that :P)


SOME monsters will NOT pickup guns by default. You can easily change it this way:

Open Console -> Write "preferences" without quotes -> UT MonsterCoop -> enable bAlwaysPickup

~!!!!I recommend running this mod with OldSkool mod so you will have all UTMCoop playermodels!!!!~

Download this mod and have fun!!

!!!!This is a MUTATOR so you need to enable the mutator in the Mutator list to have the specified class weapon!!!!

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