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updated version of our UDK stand alone release you don't need UT3 to play this

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UT40k : The Chosen UDK Test 3

the third test version of our UDK stand alone
You "DON'T" need UT3 to try this version

in this build is :-
UT40kDeathmatch -- gametype
DM-ut40ktest_10 -- test map
3 weapons
4 vehicles
2 character
content added for Test 3

SM Marine (not selectable yet)

Tau Carbine
Shurikan Catapult
Necron Gauss Flayer
SM Bolter impact effects
Ork Shoota impact effects

weapon decals changed

SM Rhino (tracks still don't work)

Bastion Tower with lift (sort of)

just install and play
don't forget this is just a trial build, we hope that in the future we will be able to have more of every thing


Who's model is the Necron Gauss Flayer? It looks similar to the Immortal's Cannon I built, but, simply put cut in half :S

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