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The long awaited next release of UT3 Invasion with lots of extra features and bug fixes has finally arrived!

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UT3 Invasion Revision 335

I know it's been quite a while since last release, but we didn't do nothing in that time! This new version has many new features and bugfixes.


Get it while it's hot!


Three new monsters come bundled with UT3 Invasion Rev 335: First, the two elemental Slimes: IceSlime and FireSlime. The elemental Slimes are pretty much the same as regular Slimes, but both have their special element powers. IceSlimes will freeze you when they touch you, and when you kill them they explode in a shower of ICE COLD goo that will instantly create ice shards when they hit something. If you walk over the ice cold goo you will also be frozen. When you're frozen you will move slower for a limited time. FireSlimes will put you on fire with their hot as lava bodies. When you kill them they will leave traces of lava all around, be carefull not to touch it as it will set you on fire as well! When you're on fire you will gradually take damage over a certain amount of seconds.

IceSlimes FireSlimes

And then there's the ScarySkullGhost. It's ScarySkull's faster brother, that's all there's to it actually. We also upgraded the ScarySkull with some cool fire emitters, he looks pretty sweet now.

Two different ScarySkulls

Web Admin

A very important feature in this release is the web admin interface. Any server administrator can now easily do tasks from the web admin where before they would normally have to stop the server and edit a .ini file.
Here are the web admin features summed up:

  • Add or remove monsters from the MonsterTable
  • Change individual wave options
  • Set up when what monster should spawn
  • Set up the Boss Monsters
  • Select whether the wave monsters are set up as a queue
  • Change the wave length
  • Set wave length in monsters or seconds
  • Set the maximum monsters
  • Set the monster's health multiplier for a wave
  • Set how long the wave countdown is for a wave


MonsterHunt is a special gametype that is built in UT3 Invasion. With MonsterHunt, map makers can make maps with missions and monsters will try to stop you from accomplishing that mission. A MonsterHunt map can be played with all gametypes, depending on what the map needs. It just needs ONE simple actor places in the map to make it a MonsterHunt map. If you're interested in creating MonsterHunt maps, check out this Wiki page:


For this game, all you have to do is run a CTF game with Invasion mutator. The monster's team flag will be locked, and you need to protect your flag from incoming waves of monsters, making sure they never score.

Other changes

Monsters have a MonsterID now and the MonsterTable is moved to the RBTTInvasionMutator header, so if you are using an old ini file, be sure to overwrite it with the newer one supplied in the download. You can also set the monster's name in the ini file as well, this way you're not bound to whatever the people that made the monster want it to be. When a person is resurrected, they will see a message saying who resurrected them. The res messages and the OUT messages go in the console now, so you can later see who died or who resurrected you. The number of monsters alive are now shown in the top right corner of the screen. Map makers can specify where monsters should spawn, for more info on this click here

Bug fixes

  • Bots don't spawn as DemoGuy anymore
  • Fixed several Accessed None's
  • MiningBot doesn't drop it's weapon anymore
  • Bosswaves doesn't crash game anymore when spawning unknown monster
  • Monsters to don't move over anymore when switching maps
  • No more annoying bots randomly joining in online play!


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