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The first release of the UT3 Invasion Mutator by RBTT! This version is preconfigured with 8 waves and 7 monsters displaying the possibilities of just the wave configuration.

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This is a demo version, this means it is not configurable. We did this because it's stable like this, and we couldn't wait to get responses from players. It's fun to play nonetheless!

Epic Forum thread:


Current monsters

  • Human Skeleton
  • Krall Skeleton
  • Mining Robot
  • Spider (Venom from UT2k4)
  • SkullCrab
  • Slime
  • ScarySkull
  • Many more to come


  • Select what mutator to use from what wave to what wave! (LowGrav, SloMo, etc.)*
  • Highly configurable waves*
  • Per wave duration
  • Random monster spawn from specified monsters
  • Wave queues, so monsters spawn in a specified order
  • Select which monsters can spawn (and the probability)*
  • The time between each wave, to grab ammo/health


  • Monsters drop items when they die


  • Customizable wave countdown messages and sounds*
  • Visual warnings when you're almost dead (blurry, vague and beating screen)

Custom monster AI

  • Different monster styles
  • Agressive melee
  • Flying monsters that shoot you from afar
  • Flying monsters that chase you and melee you
  • Monsters that can shoot you from a distance and also hit and charge you closeby


  • You can specify what monsters the portals spawn*
  • It has a queue
  • It's destroyable
  • When it's destroyed, it sucks things in before it implodes


  • DM-fktrth-TrainingGround.ut3 (UT2K4 Remake)
* Configurability does not apply to the Alpha Demo since it is preconfigured
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