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K-Aus in UT3? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe I'm just poking at the news tab since I haven't in so long

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Unreal Tournament 3, released in late '07, updated to UT3:Black with the Titan Pack in '09.
Will this latest iteration of the Unreal universe see K-Aus appear with it's folds?

Not likely :(

Even as the Patch2 Beta3 patch is circulating those on the Epic mailing lists(don't ask, don't know how to get on it), BeyondUnreal has posted each and every changelog that came with it and as of the last changelog, no mention of custom crosshairs.

Closest you'll get is custom coordinates of the existing material, problem is to use them you have to set your ingame crosshair settings to "Simple" which not only makes all default to 1 set of coordinates, it also causes vehicles to do the same. This also removes the alignment reticles present on many vehicles.

Now I've looked at the crosshair code, it wouldn't be that hard to implement designating a custom material, but Epic and its coders haven't seen fit to make that change.
So alas, no K-Aus in UT3, at least until they change their minds and overhaul the xhair system.

And I was really looking forward to retooling these things, had xhair group sets planned, etc, etc :\

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