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New vehicle and 2.0 status update. New content page under consruction.

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Hello all and welcome to yet another long awaited news update from USI. We are getting so close to release of USI 2.0. The build has been debugged and now we are running the maps through the debug process. Today we bring you the last item entered onto the battlefield.* Introducing the Laith-90 Frog-7 short-range ballistic missile launcher.* We know the texture is not quite complete, but we feel it’s good enough to throw into the game and play with it. There are a few items in game still needing touched up but we are determined to get this out soon.

USI 2.0 Status
Two weeks ago, USI 2.0 went into full testing to fix the remaining bugs found by testers in order to tighten the ropes for release. Project Reality has provided a dedicated beta server for testing and soon will start production on a couple of videos to show off our new and old stuff.* We are also updating our content page with new renders and screen shots so you can get a peek at our vehicles and weapons that will be seen in 2.0.* We are now calling out to all BF2 mod players to gear up for what could be our best release yet.

US Intervention Mod Team

Trooper425 - - 412 comments

Good lord, there hasn't been a USI update in forever.

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P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

I though the mod was dead... *phew*

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Commissar1032 - - 489 comments

O sweet Christ it lives.

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