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How Daikon Forge's situation will affect game development. NGUI, uGUI or third option? Version 0.3

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Daikon Forge Situation
So recently I noticed that the GUI API I'm using, called DaikonForge GUI, had not received any updates in a while. I logged into the website and found out it recently was discontinued, which means I will no longer receive updates from it. Obviously, this is a rather big deal. All of the UI in Chronus is based on DFGUI, and I will have to replace it at some point, which is not... ideal.

Question is though, what should I use instead? For those uninitiated, the current GUI system integrated into Unity is abysmal, and no one in their right mind would design a game using it. It's primary use is for prototype usage. Fortunately Unity is going to release their new GUI system (uGUI - Unity GUI) fairly soon, with beta releases readily available for developers. As I'm writing this, the beta is installing on my system, which I'm going to play around with a little bit.

Another solution could be using another 3rd party system. When I was selecting a GUI API the first time around, uGUI was merely a rumour, and thus I considered DFGUI and NGUI. I ended up choosing NGUI since I heard a lot of positive things about it, compared to NGUI which apparently suffered a few flaws. As far as I understand it's system is a bit backwards, and something you need to get used to.

Another, rather obvious, factor is performance. DFGUI had planned a second version written from scratch to address some of the performance issues in DFGUI v1, which I was looking forward to quite a lot. At the end of the day I find it most likely that I'm going to choose uGUI, as it should perform better than any 3rd party software. Should.

How does this affect v0.3?
As one might expect, this is going to heavily affect v0.3. Version 0.3 was supposed to be the first truly stable build of Chronus, signaling the end of ship creation development. From there on forward I would study some of the technological aspects of designing multiplayer tools, even though I have my eyes on a 3rd party tool called Bolt. This will of course have to be delayed. I have had to recreate the UI for Chronus before due to corruption, which took about a week after working several hours a day.

The difference between this and recreating the UI in Daikon Forge is, that a lot of the code in Chronus is based on Daikon Forge GUI, at least all of it that has any kind of relation to UI. That is, unfortunately, most of the code.

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