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User Error Parts 1 and 2 are a two-part Single Player expansion mod for TRON 2.0 on the PC. This updated version now self-installs, and adds proper widescreen support when used with the Killer App Mod.

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User Error Parts 1 and 2 - ModDB Download link
User Error Screenshots

Today, our team is releasing a long delayed update to the Single Player add-on: User Error for TRON 2.0 on the PC. Note that, despite TRON 2.0 being an old game, it will work on even the most recent versions of Windows - including Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).

What's changed in these updated missions?

Although the previous version with combined parts was released as "RC2", it is now considered v1.0.

Here are some of the more important changes you can expect in v1.1 of Parts 1 and 2.

  • CHANGED - User Error now self-installs. No more need for REZ Handler.
  • CHANGED - The installer will check online to see if a newer version of User Error is available. This way, people who end up downloading this version will find out if a newer one becomes available at a later date.
  • CHANGED - Supports widescreen fully now, when used together with the Killer App Mod.
  • CHANGED - You'll see a new animation on the Main Menu when User Error is active, as a bonus if Killer App is installed.
  • CHANGED - If you have Killer App installed: Jeremy's Rod weapons become purple to match his color scheme, as a bonus feature.
  • CHANGED - Added some text to a couple of the level loading screens, to explain the story a little better if you haven't read the readme.
  • CHANGED - The character's User name in the top left corner is Jeremy now. Not Jet.

  • FIXED - Jeremy sometimes sinking through the floor and "skating" across on the first level no longer occurs.
  • FIXED - Instead of being awarded 20 build points twice in a row after talking to the Unzipper.exe program on the Vertigo level, you are now awarded all 40 build points at once.
  • FIXED - Fixed the currently selected weapon disappearing after using an I/O Node on some levels. The weapon now stays selected.
  • FIXED - Some enemy characters were missing death (derez) effects, like the Gridbugs. This is no longer the case.
  • FIXED - Fixed a bug where you could keep activating the switch to the Satellite downlink over and over, on the Spacejunk level.
  • FIXED - Fixed bugs where you could ride the Recognizer without first turning on the energy beam and lowering the force field, on the User Power level.
  • FIXED - Fixed the pronunciation of the word "Recognizers" by the I-No-alike character.
  • FIXED - You're now unable to kill certain characters on the last level when behind the final force field.
  • FIXED - Fixed a sound effect not playing for everyone.

How do I use the Mod?

User Error 1 and 2 are self-installing now. All you have to do is open the .ZIP file and copy the setup programs to your desktop, run each one, and follow the on-screen instructions. The installation process has been made as automated and painless as possible. REZ Handler is no longer necessary to install these. User Error should work on any version of Windows going back to 98, but was tested on XP/Vista/7 only.

It is recommended to install and play through User Error 1 first, then install User Error 2. As you install each part, it automatically becomes active the next time you run Tron 2.0. So after finishing Part 1, if you install Part 2 and start a new Single Player mission, you'll be playing Part 2 instead.

To confirm a part of User Error is installed and active, when you start a new Single Player game you'll get a new User Error mission. As a bonus, if you installed the Killer App Mod before User Error, you'll see a new animation on the Main Menu that will instantly let you know User Error is working.

Remember that while the mod is enabled, you cannot play Multiplayer online or load any older Single Player saved games. You must disable the mod again. You can disable the mod by clicking the "Custom" button in the TRON 2.0 game launcher and removing the X from the checkbox.

Can I load my saved games from Part 1 in Part 2?

You cannot load any saved games from Part 1 when playing Part 2. But at the start of Part 2 you will be given everything you need (weapons, subroutines, etc.) so you don't have to start over from scratch.

If you have any other questions or concerns about the updated User Error missions, please visit the LDSO message forums.

Also keep an eye out for another new follow-up Single Player mission and an updated Killer App Mod v1.2 in the future!

TronFAQ Author

ModDB hasn't approved the download yet, it seems. The download has to mention "v1.1" to be new. The version currently available for download (as I write this) is still old. New version should show up soon.

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its accepted.

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Awesome! I didn't know anyone was developing mods for Tron 2.0
Can't wait to check it out

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