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In this article, I will talk about changes that New Battle mod provides to USA in C&C Generals Zero Hour.

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Okay, let's start

*Changes* USA: -Added M1A1 Abrams Tank (model and ART code by Jordan creator of the Crazy mod) It's model you can see in images.

Airforce General: -Aurora's cameo has been changed -Comanche's cameo has been changed

Superweapon General: -No changes

Laser General: -Added Laser Paladin, its main gun replaced by laser cannon. It's avaliable after building a strategy center(no sciences needed) -Laser Paladin has new voice -Microwave has got new cameo

Armour General: -New general -Uses high qualified and heavy tank divisions -Has got basic USA infantry -New units: Mammoth tank and destroyer tank -Particle cannon has been replaced by Cruise Missile(ICBM) -Patriot has new cameo and model from Superweapon General -New supply gather: suppy truck, chinooks avaliable after building airfield -General hasn't got any artillery and StealthFighter

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