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After a long time finally the PainDevs decided to show up here their Mod-Project "Uriziel"

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"Keep it short" often say the editors of a newspaper and that is a rule which I will follow this time ;)

At first I want to say Hello to everybody from and all the visitors and guests of this site.

Some words to introduce who we are and what we are planning to do with our mod "Uriziel":

Uriziel is our first shown up mod ever. ^^ So it is our first time to work on a bigger project. And thats the keyword: BIG. Uriziel is a total conversion mod of "Gothic 2 - The Night of the Raven". It tells a new story and is set up in a different location than the known worlds of Gothic. I will add a lot of more details about the mod in the next time.

Some words about us: We are a three headed team called "PainDevs". Us three (r3AdY, hochspannung, DaDummy) are the leaders of the several projects from PainDevs and we decide what PainDevs is going to do. Of course there are others who help us in the development. Often the count of them changes but there are also some who keeps the rock rollin, like Julian Kolley (our Music Artist) and Lee's Rechte Hand (Story-Writer). More details about the team can you surely find on the company page of PainDevs here on ;)

So thats it! I hope you got the "Hello world!" message from us! :D

Best whishes from germany,

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