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Six days and it looks like a no go for December 25. Chucks, we'll it's still cold outside so yeah...

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Hello everyone,

What a cold productive month it's been and yes I have a cold 'n frosty update. Like I said before it looks like I won't make it for December 25th, though I missed the deadline, I believe I still got 1- 2 months to really tie it up. Here's a list of everything I've done this month to aim the Urizen to its frosty updated release...

- I think this is the final title screen, notice the updated logo, color gradient back clouds, and sun glow...

Runner 171219 2154379

- I updated the Dungeons stages all three of them. They look clean.

Runner 171219 2200101

Runner 171219 2201091

Runner 171219 2201503

Runner 171219 2201531

Runner 171219 2157599

Runner 171219 2159027

Runner 171219 2204035

Runner 171219 2203135

Runner 171219 2159402

- I fixed the "splash" glitch allowing the player the splash in water coming in.

- I've been working on the "Witche's Hut" I'm so close, yeah that potion/powerup making process is complicated.

- I've added some scenery props like "butterfly's".

- I've updated some other 2 stages as well.

- Added some enemies.

- More glitch and bug hunting, fixed some 10 of them.

We'll yeah, looks like February or March will be very frosty. I'm also going to get a thorough QC review, reviewing for ease of use and stuff I might of missed. Thanks until December/January, see ya.

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