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In this article I will present an improved version of elitedoom.

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Hello everyone, during all this I decided to create an improved version of elitedoom with new special effects, new weapons without bugs and new enemies I want to clarify that these weapons are edited by me so I will give credits as always this improved version will not have bugs or failures in The gameplay has also eliminated weapons such as the knife, the flamethrower, the ha-shotgun and among other things, the shotgun was improved, many said that the animation of the shotgun was a bit bad.

I hope you enjoy this version :D


habria que probar, gracias

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kalensar Online

You can move that CyberDemon's plasma emission point by using:

xxxx abcd 7 A_SpawnProjectile("whatever", 48, 20)

xxxx= animation address

abcd= animation sprite reference

7= timing / pick order or something along those lines.

The numbers after the "whatever" are the XY grid for spawning the projectile. 48 for the height and 20 for the left side horizontal looks about correct rather than the Cyber shooting it from his crotch. If the 48 is too short then bump it by increments of 4 or so.

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BloodyBlink1982 Author

The reason why the projectile is badly placed was to test but I fixed it

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