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Thought I'd post a link to the finished upgrade tree so you have have a look and give some feedback. The tree is divided into 6 different specialities, I have tried to make it so that you can focus on a combination of these or just one to suit your style and try and find the best way to succeed.

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The upgrade tree

After coding like 36 hours without sleeping I made a lot of progress, Including finishing the upgrade tree. So I put it into its own scene and exported it for web for you guys to have a look at and give feedback. Like everything it is still subject to change but I think this gives a very good idea of the final product. Have a look and tell me what you think!

Click HERE to play it

A little background as to this. The idea of the character you can upgrade in an RPG style was the reason I started making this game in the first place. I'm not saying it doesn't exist but I hadn't found a game that had done this before so I thought it would be a little innovative and an interesting twist on the top down shooter genre. I actually started to implement this before I even implemented the path finding for the enemies but I finally finished it and all the tweaks last night, hence the reason I am sharing.

The upgrade tree is subdivided into 6 different groups:

  1. Machine Gun Upgrades
  2. Missile Upgrades
  3. Turret Upgrades
  4. Shotgun Upgrades
  5. Health Upgrades
  6. Sprint Upgrades

When I originally designed the upgrade tree my intention was to make it so that you could choose any of the trees and still be successful and I really wanted players to experiment and find out what worked for them. Experimentation and trying new tactics are what I find the most fun when I am playing games so if I can get people doing that it would be fantastic. Now I have tried to make the trees as balanced as possible (especially in the MG vs Shotgun trees) so that people can play there own style but the thought came to my head that if you have a fully upgraded MG why would you then want to spend point on a shotgun ,even if you had points to spare, so I made the final upgrades very powerful. This provides a high level incentive to continue experimenting. You may have Maxed the MG unlocking the Minigun but the RAGE at the top of the shotgun tree has unmatched damage for a short period of time so maybe you should invest in that, even though you have a good primary weapon.

Just like the rest of the game I am very open to feedback as I am new to development and I know that I have a lot to learn, plus I want to make a game that people enjoy playing, that is pretty much the dream really.
Thanks for reading

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