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It's a big update, we created in the last 4 days. We tried as quickly as possible to implement new and exciting game features

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+ Additional new technology for ground buildings
Additional buttons + fleet management:
1. Stand on the selected target orbit over the Navy
2. Focus on selected target entire fleet
+ Basic mechanisms of self-defense fleet: now if you are offline, your fleet and attack players or bots, your fleet Defense starts automatically. Moreover, if one ship of the fleet level structure is damaged by more than 60%, then the whole fleet goes into fleeing from the battlefield to the nearest planet.
+ The system of remuneration for the murder of the commander. Now, any player may assign a reward for the killing of any commander. The player or players who killed the commander (the whole fleet) receive a reward if the commander had killed a reward a group of players, it is a division of fees between players depending on the damage. Later this system will improve, change the rules.
+ Info Window commander
+ Window ranking commanders. In it you can see the top commanders and a reward for killing the enemy commander
+ A history window for fighting. In this window you can see information about previous battles and their outcome - defeat or victory
+ Ability to assign names of the commanders. Now when recruiting commander, you can specify a unique name. Commanders previously hired you, the name can be changed in the next game update.

Improvements and bug fixes:
- Now the technology economy for each level reduces the wages of the population to 0.5%
- Reduce the icons select commander
- Now you can simultaneously employ a maximum of two commanders. Enlarge this figure will be by pumping technology (in the next update will be available this technology)
- Changed the sound of a rocket explosion
- Time Warp and Hyper transition is reduced to 30 seconds. Now navigate the galaxy you can 3 times faster
- The financial statements are now displayed in the cash flows for the bot, or destruction of reward for the murder of the commander.

In work:
1. The introduction of active power units
2. Modules recovery shield and armor during battle
3. New types of weapons, laser guns, Railgun.

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