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We've been busy developing new systems, and progressing forward.

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Hello everyone, it's another goodnightgames update time.

As per our usual operating standards, we've been flying low and keeping under the radar since our last update. I'll forgo what was stated before, for this being the reason, but we are still here.

NGHII is making progress.

We are still abiding by our two week sprints, and that means a few have passed since the last time we spoke. This is a good thing, because we have made a lot of advancements in some of the features and aspects of the game.

For example, planet-side level generation, has been completely redone and we know have a system in place to allow for auto generation, handcrafting, or a hybrid of both. The tile based system is a huge milestone achievement for us, and with us just about over the hill, -in terms of full implementation- it means a large portion of NGHII is set and ready. A little breakdown of the tile auto generation is as follows:

System spawn hallways/corridors in a controlled space
Allow rooms to attach and rotate accordingly to the hallways
Rooms attach directly to each other at 4 locations (Up,Left,Right,Down) with no overlaps into itself.

Here's a small video of one of our previous tests:

The tile snap system, allows for in editor level design to be done quickly and efficiently by our artist. With further functionality planned, it'll help when level design gets to full steam ahead and rapid iterating.

Here's some videos with that:

There have been other strides made in all facets of development, but this is the highlight.

With that said, the closer we get to our internal deadline, the more you will see of NGHII. Until then, be sure to follow what we do company wide and we'll see you space cowfolks later!

-Mr. G

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