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Already changed: Both Sniper Unl Shotgun Both Pistols AV basics Assalt Rifles Underbarrel Rocket Launcers, Both Under barrel rockets Underbarrel Shotguns Basic MG C4/C4 Det Pilum/Pilum Rocket Zellar Active Cammo Carbine Defib Sentry Gun Made the 2nd unlocked drone have a bigger range? Drone Sentry EMP Grenade Grenade Smoke Nade(made into a rdx jump) BAR BAR Shotty BAR Rocket GANZ Medic Box Ammo Box VOSS Voss rocket Voss shotgun APM EMP Mine Portable Shield Pulse Meter Repair Sonar(Engineer) Mot

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Here are all of the items I have changed so far.

Already changed:Both SniperUnl ShotgunBoth PistolsAV basicsAssalt RiflesUnderbarrel Rocket Launcers, BothUnder barrel rocketsUnderbarrel ShotgunsBasic MGC4/C4 DetPilum/Pilum RocketZellarActive CammoCarbineDefibSentry GunMade the 2nd unlocked drone have a bigger range?Drone SentryEMP GrenadeGrenadeSmoke Nade(made into a rdx jump)BARBAR ShottyBAR RocketGANZMedic BoxAmmo BoxVOSSVoss rocketVoss shotgunAPMEMP MinePortable ShieldPulse MeterRepairSonar(Engineer)Motion MineSonar(Support)Radar GrendadeMade StatAV Changed StatAAEU Rocket launcher fully autoZellar faster RDX Faster

I'm not completely done yet, but I need more suggestions. If you have any ideas on things to make the game funner, comment pm or follow me. :)


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