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A short outline of updates and announcement of upcoming demo version 2!

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UPDATE 2.9.11
Added some screenshots of what I have so far.

UPDATE 2.11.11
Things are going well. Finished the first map (it's a pretty big one) and starting on one of the connecting maps. Learned a lot about scripting so I should be able to finish things quicker. Still have a long ways to go to make this story really good, but it's getting there. Don't wanna rush it. Again, if anyone has any cool puzzle ideas or any ideas in general you wanna discuss feel free to post.

UPDATE 2.13.11
Been learning a ton about scripting! I am now about 95% done with the first map area, and probably 50% done with the next map.

UPDATE 2.14.11
80% done with 2nd map. Will post screenshots in a day or 2.

UPDATE 2.15.11
Had my first play-tester today.(other than myself) Took about 30 minutes to get through what I have so far. No bugs were found! May release a demo of this first part after I tweak a few things and add a little more details.
Added 4 more screenshots (see link above)

UPDATE 2.18.11
Added 5 more screenshots (see link above). 75% done with the 3rd map. Expect a demo containing the first 3 maps within a week.

UPDATE 2.19.11
Demo is now available for download! The demo contains 3 maps and is roughly 10-30 minutes depending how much you like to explore. Please give me some feedback on what I can improve!

UPDATE 2.22.11
Finishing up the Guest Hall area, and working on adding some detail to the other areas that are already finished. Thanks to anyone who has played the demo! Would love to hear more feedback. Also, I have in mind some pretty cool events/encounters and storyline for the full version :-) Not sure how long it will take me, but I'll keep you guys updated! Just know I'm still workin on it and have no intentions of stopping before it's finished.

Update 2.24.11.
Guest Hall is finished. Added a lot of detail to the earlier areas, and fixed up the rest of the Servant's Quarters. Expect Version 2 of the Demo to be released this weekend!

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